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Monday, June 7, 2010

Vampire Academy

So as I said in my last post, I had hoped to start my book blog last week. Due to unforeseen circumstance, that being completely lost in a book series, I didn't begin my blog.

I think I'm just going to turn this blog space into a novel blog in general now. Maybe it will circulate in book communities more that way and I'll actually have some sort of feedback. I always like conversing about topics that others find as equally interesting as I do myself.

I had planned to begin with Kelley Armstrong's The Reckoning, but my love for her novels and the amount I've read are going to need a lot of time and consideration before I can start talking about them. With that said, I'm going to jump right in with Richelle Mead and her amazingly wonderful world Vampire Academy.

I've been eying these novels for quite some time now. Ever sense the Twilight craze began, whenever I would go into a bookstore I would see the first novel, Vampire Academy gazing up at me. Foolishly, however I continually passed up on the opportunity to read the novel. It could have been because I was a die hard Twilight fan and was afraid the vampire universe may be ruined. The reason is completely baffling because if I would have just purchased the novel then I would have been in love with this world for years as opposed to the week I've now had.

Vampire Academy and Richelle Mead's world is astonishing. It takes your breath away by giving a little and taking a little. I don't believe I've ever read a series that has made me feel like my heart was breaking as much as it did with these novels. But please, don't take that as a sign of a bad book. The books are just that complex when dealing with relationships that you feel you are the characters. You are right along side them, taking in everything and feeling both their joy and their pain.

I definitely bonded the most with Rose. Rose is the main protagonists in the novels, narrating every step of the way. I feel connected to her; like I have the same bond she shares with Lissa, another protagonists in the novel. It's weird. I've always been drawn into the worlds novels create, but never have I felt actually a part of this world, community and family. It's a truly amazing experience. One I think everyone should feel and share in at some point.

All I can say is, her series is a must read. I have yet to begin her other two series yet but trust me, I will.

Thank you Richelle Mead for creating such an intense, emotionally driven and complex series that keeps me wanting more.

The last book, book 6 comes out in December. Hopefully Last Sacrifice will leave my heart mended as I wait in anticipation for the spin off series!!

You can find more about the Vampire Academy Work at these links:

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