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We are two girls who are dedicated to the worlds in which authors create for us. We are extremely enthusiastic about both YA and adult paranormal fiction. This is a place that we can share our thoughts on the books that we read. We love feed back and you can e-mail us at any time bookjunkies@hotmail.com


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Review Policy

We are two girls who love to read. We also like to share our thoughts about the books we read to the world, or at least the online world. There are no incentives received for our reviews. All of the books on our blog are purchased. Any ARC reviews will be titled as such. We do not get commission on any of the book sites we link. Simply, the links are there so you can see what your online buying options are. We write what we think and how we feel not what we think people want to hear. The genre's which we read mainly are Romance, YA, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and Fiction.

If there are any authors or publishing companies that would like us to review a book all you have to do is contact us here: bookjunkies@hotmail.com .

*Unfortunately, due to the recent overwhelming requests for e-books, at this time we will not be reviewing books via the e-book format. We apologize and hopefully once we are all caught up we will be able to review books in this manner. 

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