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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sleepless Nights

When I can't sleep at night my mind tends to wander. So last night when I could not sleep and found myself tossing and turning I thought of something. This is quite possibly ridiculous but it is how my mind works.

If a girl takes money or gifts from a man she doesn't know in exchange for sexual favours she is a hooker or a prostitutes whichever term floats your boat. Therefore if a guy buys a girl a drink in hopes that she will put out does that not make said girl a hooker/prostitute since she is taking something from a man in exchange for a sexual service? Of course this would only apply if the guy succeeds in bringing the girl home, to a motel or his car whatever. This would also apply to either sex and sexual preference.

Essentially they are the same thing, no? It's just a question my crazed out brain came up with last night that I though was blog worthy.

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