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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Patrick Dempsey made up for the almost shanking

Montreal trip 2009 is officially over. The 4 days spent there were fun and interesting to say the least. To begin this epic journey across 1 province into French land, we set out on Thursday, August 27th. Driving was the way to go and the affordable alternative. Thankfully the drive there up until we actually arrived into downtown Montreal, was chill. We miraculously missed all Toronto traffic and made good time hitting the 401. The 401 being the main highway from Toronto into Montreal.

We arrived around 2:30ish, which was our estimated time of arrival according to GPS whore. Then traffic ensued and we went in a circle for a good 45mins I would say. Although I can't actually remember since I was driving and in a constant state of panic. I can handle traffic even if it does get the better of my mood as well as road rage. This was no ordinary traffic though. This was French Canadian crazy people traffic. I don't believe I've ever seen such a collection of people drive like complete and total idiots. It was a terrifying experience. People were cutting others off left and right. Then we had the winners who would cut across 4 lanes of traffic just to turn right. We finally arrived at our destination only to witness an almost shanking. At this point, Montreal in my eyes was not looking like this amazing city everyone has told me about. I was ready to pack up and drive home.

Once we brought our stuff into the hotel room we got ready and set off in the wrong direction down St. Catherines street. It was nice though because we ended up in the Village. It was a lovely little stretch of road. Then came time for us to venture on the Metro because we had realized the error in our ways. Just a note to anyone going to Montreal: 1) do no attempt to speak French if you can not, almost all people speak English and 2) If you can not understand the Metro lady in her booth, try again. Do Not walk away. ha ha she will then assume you are a stuck up English girl.

Once we made it to the Eaton Centre we began shopping. It's what girls do best right? We finished off the evening by grabbing dinner at the Hard rock where they were doing Ford Speed Week and then walked back the the Hotel. Day 1 complete and we managed to witness nothing that would in fact become a criminal offense.

Day 2- This day began lovely. I had a well relaxed sleep and then we were off to breakfast and then the Titanic Exhibition. I must say this full filled a childhood dream. Seeing items that were actually taken from the depth of the Atlantic ocean was erie as well as exciting at the same time. You couldn't help but feel the lost souls of the lives lost on that tragic evening surround you. I almost feel guilty being so fascinated by the history of the Titanic since such a horrible event had to take place in order for it to be such a dominant historical moment in time.

If my memory serves me correctly we then shopped again. Simons was an amazing department store. My 2 $25 sweaters are fantastic as well as my 2 $10 shirts. I'm actually beyond proud of myself for not shopping like a maniac. We ate dinner that night and then saw Julie and Julia. These events and the timing of these events all lead up to the most amazing moment ever to happen in all three of our lives for sure.

As we approached the hotel I could see Patrick Dempsey standing in the lobby. That is correct, McDreamy himself was chilling in the lobby to our hotel. Now our hotel was nice but you would think a person of Hollywood would acquire more expensive sleeping arrangements. This just makes me adore him that much more. We were all like little school girls but for his own privacy and comfort we could not bring ourselves to ask for a picture. I just didn't feel right about it. I guess I would not make it in the celebrity stalking business.

He ended up in the elevator with us and his 3 companions. It was the most exciting thing to ever happen.

Part Two of Montreal will be coming soon..I just need to recall all other events from the trip.

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