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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Canuck Week - Guest Blogger Tynga!

Tynga's ReviewsFor those of you who don't know Tynga, well, you are missing out. As a book blogger she not only brings our attention to great reads but she also adds a little spice to the book blogging world; Tynga is French Canadian! The beautiful province of Quebec is where she resides and we are extremely jealous. Montreal, QC is one of the greatest cities in the world with so much to offer. If you haven't checked out Tynga, or Quebec for that matter, you definitely should!

We asked Tynga to discuss her favourite book as a child and she chose La Petite Sirene (The Little Mermaid). Take a look at what she had to say...

When Ashley & Christie contacted me to be part of this event, I knew I had to participate! I read lots of books when I was a kid, then lost the reading love in High school & College because when they made us read it was so boring. I finally fell in love again with books just 2.5 years ago with Twilight. No, you can’t laugh =P

So I wasn’t sure if I would talk about The Little Mermaid or The Beauty and the Beast. They were my favourite books & movies, and well I’m gonna talk about the Little Mermaid. Or maybe I should say La Petite Sirène. Those of you who know me already know, but for everyone else, I’m French Canadian, so my Little Mermaid adventure was a French one =)

I remember watching the movie countless times with my huge graphic book in my lap and turning the pages as the story on the screen progressed. I picked the VHS so many time out of the library that my mom filmed the TV playing the movie… yes you read right.. so I could have a copy at home. It was crappy, the sound sucked, but I watched it everyday lol Luckily, I had the real hardcover copy of the book so I was in heaven!

Arielle was somewhat of a role model for me. She was always nice with her friends, and I wanted to sing like her. I recall doing, God knows how many times, this exact scene in the bath HAHA.
Oh and what can I say about the Prince? I’m sure every little girl wanted an Eric of their own. I was so sad when to poor Arielle lost her voice and couldn’t seem to let Eric know how much she loved him, but her perseverance paid off in the end!

Writing this post got me wondering if I still have the book somewhere at my parent’s place. I know I still have the puzzle but I find myself wondering about the book. I’ll have to check it out, so I can hold on to it for my own kids *g*

I feel old talking about the good old times like that lol. Thank you so much guys for reading the ramblings of an old 25 years old girl *winks* and thank you very much A&C for inviting me =) It’s greatly appreciated and I had lots of fun!



  1. Thanks for having me girls <3

  2. Anytime! We love your blog and you!

  3. This is amazing! Woot to Canadians! I feel there aren't enough Canadian Bloggers! Great Idea Book Junkies! Oh Ant BTW I didn't know you were French Canadian Tynga you really do learn something new everyday :) Great post! Little Mermaid was always a childhood fav of mine as well

  4. Oh Tynga, you are not old! Or at least I hope not, because I'll be 25 this year, haha.

    I think most people around our age grew up loving Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, etc. I also remember acting out Mulan when I was younger with my friend because we had this stack of mattresses and furniture in the basement that we climbed over, pretending they were mountains, lol.

    I actually did this assignment in school last year where I compared all kinds of different versions of Beauty and the Beast and wrote a paper on the differences and similarities. Believe me, it's much more fun to reminisce about loving stories like that than to make it an academic assignment. :/

    Okay I'll end my super comment now. Loving these posts, ladies!

  5. @Ashley I don,t think I'm old lol I just felt old with all this nostalgia haha
    I liked Mulan to <3

  6. Just realized I said Mulan, but I meant Pocahontas. Oh well, I liked them both, and well, they both have mountains in them? Haha gosh.

  7. Good choice Tynga. :) I love The Little Mermaid as a kid too!

  8. Great pick Tynga!! The Little Mermaid was definitely my favorite as well!

  9. I rented Sleeping Beauty so much that my mom recorded it from the tv while I was watching it. I remember being 4 and amazed that we had 2 VHS players going at the same time and that one was playing my fav movie and the other one was "magically" making itself a copy. Oh the good ole days of VHS.

  10. HAHA Indeed. Had to rewind the tape *grumbles*


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