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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clockwork Angel - Paperback Dolls and Mundie Moms Giveaways!!!

If you are a fan of Cassandra Clare and are not aware that she has a new book coming out on August 31st, then you my dear friends have been living under a rock! 

This month there are several blogs hosting celebrations in honour of Cassandra's upcoming release, Clockwork Angel. Two of our favourite blogs that are having a month long celebration are Mundie Moms and Paperback dolls. 

If you aren't already following their blogs, we highly suggest that you do so. 

So what exactly is taking place and how do you enter these fabulous giveaways? Well for starters, you head over to their blogs and read what they have to say. Then you enter the giveaway and start spreading word. Every one who loves the Mortal Instruments series deserves to be given a chance to win such amazing prizes. Mundie Moms is having a daily giveaway whereas Paperback Dolls is having a mass giveaway with some very excellent prizes.

*We are not having a Clockwork Angel Giveaway. We are simply promoting two other blogs who are.

-A & C

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