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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cover Comparison #2

After the success of our first Cover Comparison, we thought that we should continue with another. There are so many books out there with a North American cover that differs from the UK cover, but none quite as much as this. Check out the covers for Breanna Yovanoff's The Replacement:
UK cover
North American cover

  Which cover do you prefer?
If you have an idea for a Cover Comparison and would like to share it with us, please email bookjunkies@hotmail.com


  1. I think I like the UK version but I do like the red in the US so I'm kinda of torn with this one.

  2. I read it with the US cover but the UK cover is the one sold here in New Zealand. The US cover seems a lot less generic and a lot more intriguing to me. I think the UK cover is something you can appreciate more when you know more about the book and the main character Mackie but for the purpose of being eye-catching and getting someone to pick up and read the book, the US cover wins hands-down.

  3. The UK cover would be good, if I hadn't seen the US cover first. The US cover has a lot more going for it than the semi-generic UK cover. I definitely prefer the US cover! It's totally awesome and creepy!

  4. I prefer the North American cover. It's creepier, for one, symbolic, and they greys do a lot to set atmosphere. The lack of a visible person adds some mystery -- "What's this book about? I'm going to have to pick it up to find out." The UK cover is nice, smooth lines, clear crisp image, but it falls into the trap that a lot of YA books are falling into of trying to attract readers based on an attractive cover model. It doesn't put across a sense of mystery or intrigue; it puts across the fact that there's a guy in it...

    But that's just my opinion on it. I know a lot of people like the slightly spooky effect of the lights in the woods on the UK cover, and that's all fine and dandy too. :)

  5. I think the US cover stands out much more than the UK.

  6. I love the US cover! It's so creepy and fascinating. Scissors over a baby carriage? What the heck is going on here! I would definitely have picked this up in a store before the UK cover.

  7. I really don't like the UK one. What were they thinking? The North American one is very good though.

  8. Great responses! Thanks everyone! Covers are such an interesting topic because you really can't judge a book by the cover, but we often do. I know that I am guilty of this on a regular basis. :S -C


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