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Friday, August 7, 2009

Co-Worker Infuriation

I never wish a desk job, 8-4/9-5, 5 days a week upon anyone. Unless they are dreaded enemy and I absolutely loath them. I will explain as to why this is. Recently at my place of employment we hired a new sales man. That's all fine and dandy, you need sales in order to bring home a pay cheque every week so kudos to him for that. Lets begin with the fact that this is a family business, meaning I am surrounded by a large number of both internal and external family members at all times. My desk is located in the middle of a heap of other desks where I sit all day long with mounds of paper work, the noise of the constant door bell ringing (high tech security is apparently necessary) and the phones "ring, ring, ring." Now, to make my predicament that much worse, our new sales man sits right behind me. How is this worse you ask? Well for starters he's like an undercover spy of sorts, or at least it feels that way. He listens to my conversations, he looks at what I am doing on the computer and proceeds to interject his two sense like it's OK to be a snoop. Not OK buddy. Now to add the icing on the cake he has some weird throat clearing problem. Maybe if he didn't smoke like the cigarette companies were about to go out of business or completely drain Tim Hortons of their coffee supply, he might not have such internal problems with his oesophagus. Then there is this slight issue with the fact that he can not sit still. I don't recall ever seeing somebody fidget so much in my life.

The Cherry on top of this now iced cake is that he's an uber idiot. Lets begin with the fact that he told me and tried to argue the point, that the Greeks are the most oppressed people in history. The Greeks?? Having a BA in History and a strong passion towards the past I love the Greeks. Their art, architecture, religion and history fascinate me beyond anything but to say they were oppressed? Please! Can we talk about Women, Blacks and Homosexuals? Then we can talk about people being oppressed throughout history. He also asked me how to ask somebody if they are gay. Ummmm You don't. Hello, welcome the the 21st century where knowing somebodies sexual preference is not relevant. You don't ask somebody you think is straight if they are in fact straight do you? No, well unless you are trying to pick them up and then you kind of might want to know. But this was not one of those situations. He was looking to rent a place and thought the guy who lived in the house may be gay. So what? Just because he may like men, that doesn't mean he wants to sleep with you. Egotistical much?

Today he made my day. He tried to argue that the people controlling our world currently are the pharmaceutical companies. I don't even know where to begin. Has he read or watched any type of news outlet in the last year? I don't believe a world wide recession that hit the United States as hard as it did can be blamed on pharmaceuticals. If you are going to give that control and blame to anyone, please direct all of your attention to the oil companies. He also hasn't read more than 15 books in his life and he's 40. Apparently I'm odd for loving literature and enjoying humanities and all they have to offer so much.

The moral of this blog/rant is to stray away from office jobs if at all possible. They suck out your soul and if you have trouble standing the people you see on a daily basis you also lose your sanity.

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