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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear Alex Pettyfer...

Dear Alex,

Last weekend we ventured out in the cold Canadian weather to go see you in I Am Number Four and are so glad we did. While we have failed to read the book as of yet, we felt it necessary to check out the movie. Needless to say we totally loved the film and thought that you did a fantastic job, but it got us thinking about The Mortal Instruments series.

We have been thinking about the cast for this series since we picked up the first book. While we have  pondered about who should play the other characters, we always knew who we wanted to play Jace -you. While we didn't know a whole lot about you, or your acting skills, we felt that you would be able to portray this lovable character. After seeing I Am Number Four though we changed our mind.
You ARE Jace.

We know that taking on this role would have a significant impact on your career, and in turn would take it in a direction that maybe you are not ready to go in. Possibly you fear falling victim to the "Edward Cullen syndrome" where you are constantly trying to define yourself outside of that one particular role. While this may be true, take a look at the abundance of wonderful projects that Robert Pattinson is taking on.  

We understand that our opinion means nothing, and that you have probably heard this all before, but we just wanted to get it out in the universe. If you decide to choose another project over this one then we will absolutely understand. We will learn to love another actor as Jace and will refrain from rioting the streets.

Best of luck,



  1. I will not understand/ accept if he chooses not to be Jace... JK ;) (Kinda).
    But in all honesty, it doesn't look good on the Alex playing Jace front, there have been open casting calls for Jace now... :/

  2. LOL. Cute letter. I have yet to watch the movie! I can't wait.


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