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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cover Comparison #6

Love Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade? Well how do you feel about these beautiful covers?

North American

Which cover do YOU prefer?


  1. My first thought was, why the heck is P.C. Casts name so big on the cover. That's kinda silly.

  2. I like the picture on the UK one and the writing on the US one, so if they merged the two things I like they would have an awesome cover.

    I dislike how large PC Cast's name is on someone elses book. Just seems odd.

  3. I like the US one a LOT better. I would buy the US one, just for the cover, but would probably pass the UK one unless I already knew a lot about it...

  4. Thanks for all the great comments! If you have yet to read Shade I highly reccommend it. :) -C

  5. I like the US one more. The UK one looks very photoshopped to me.

  6. The UK version is just too busy for me. And PC Cast's name is bigger than Jeri's. What is up with that?


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