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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cover Comparison #1

While in Australia I have started to hunt down unique book covers that I will be unable to get back in Canada. This hunt gave me an idea for a new weekly post that could be kind of fun. Each week we will post two covers for the same book and we will ask you to comment on which one you like better and why.

Since we have blog followers from all over the world we thought that you could all join in. If you spot a unique cover and would like to share it with us for one of our postings, please email us the photo along with your name to bookjunkies@hotmail.com.  We will give you full credit for your find, and for your photo, when we post for that particular book. We are just testing this post idea out so if it is a big flop we will say bye bye, but for now let's just run with it...

With the recent release of Unearthly by Cynthia Hand I thought that I should show you all how beautiful the cover is here. On the right hand side I have posted a picture of the cover on shelves back home, and on the right is the one I found here. Both are beautiful, but I happen to be partial to the red dress.

Which do you prefer?


  1. I thought I always liked the one on the left but the one with red dress is really beautiful- maybe because it brings more color to it?

  2. I thought so too. I loved the one on the left, but then I saw the one here and I changed my mind. The one with the red dress is kind of spooky in a way.

  3. I prefer the one on the right, personally. The one of the left is certainly nice, and it does have an element of the ethereal to it that fits with the name of the book, but it also looks correspondingly plain, where the copy on the left has some nice colour to it, and hints of intrigue when you can't see the model's face.

  4. I love the red dress one!!! If you've read it then you know the fiery look goes more with the story. They are both beautiful though.

  5. I adore the Australian cover! I mean, the US one is good, too, just not as good.

  6. I like the US cover (the one on the left) the most. It's more striking to me than the red-ish cover.

  7. Both are very pretty, but I love the UK cover more =)

  8. This is such a fun new feature! I really love both covers but I have to say I like the US cover a bit better. I just got it this week and it is so nice to hold!

  9. I love the UK cover more too (though both are lovely).

  10. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! It seems like this post has been a successful one so we will be posting another next week! Stay tuned! -A&C


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