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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


320 Pages, 6 x 8.38 x 1.03 in
May 5, 2010
Listed Price: $22.50 (CAN); $16.99 (US)
Rating: 4.5/5

In this sequel to Wondrous Strange, Kelley Winslow finds her NYC acting career blossoming as she takes the lead in Romeo and Juliet. But she also finds herself desperately missing Sonny Flannery—who was forced back to the Faerie Otherworld, charged with a dangerous mission by Kelley’s father, King Auberon.
When Kelley finds herself thrown into the Otherworld following a deadly chase in Central Park, her passionate reunion with Sonny is cut short. Ancient magick is stirring, and a dangerous enemy has Sonny and Kelley caught in a web of Faerie deception that could tear their love apart.

In the follow up to Lesley Livingston's Wondrous Strange, Kelley finds herself battling more then just her lines as Juliet on stage. In this installment of the trilogy, we are given an equal dose into the inner workings of both Kelley and Sonny. It was really nice to see Kelley battle her own inner demons, while Sonny was off battling the Wild Hunt and missing Kelley in the Otherworld. 

Like my prediction, this novel was a lot darker then the first. Lesley surprised me, awed me, threw me for more then one loop and shattered my heart. This novel has Kelley playing the fated Juliet, in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and you can't help but draw on the comparisons. Her love for Sonny, just as Juliet's for Romeo is fated. They are star crossed lovers but can they come out of their story alive and together? Only time will tell.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved getting a chance to glimpse inside the rift of the Samhain Gate and enter into the Otherworld with both Sonny and Kelley simultaneously and at different times. The darker edge of the story definitely makes this book for an older crowd of YA while still maintaing it's proper place in the YA genre. The pace of the story flowed flawlessly. There was never a time in which I found myself bored or tired of the plot. The plot was so interesting it kept me guessing until the very last page- I'm still guessing and trying to figure everything out. There was continuous action no matter who was narrating and although I feel that Kelley has no romantic inclinations towards Fennrys Wolf, his motives are suspicious like Tyff so rightly points out. I feel that our hard jawed Janus is playing and answering to more then one Faerie ruler. 

What I found interesting, was the relationship that we see between Aberon and Mabh. It will definitely make for an interesting 3rd and final installment. We also get to meet Titania in Darklight. Unlike her Shakespearean counter part whom I always felt sorry for, I gather Titania is hiding something larger then any is expecting. 

I can't wait to see where Tempestuous brings Kelley and Sonny and how their story will end. Hopefully, they've learned a lesson or two from Shakespeare and they play their cards right. We wouldn't want them to make the same grave mistakes as Romeo and Juliet did. Darklight was truly a fantastic and uber fascinating read; it has brought something new into the world of YA literature and the mythology we all absolutely devour. 

The next book in the Trilogy is Tempestuous and is set to be release on December 8th, 2010. 
The cover is exquisite! 

Lesley Livingston's Website

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