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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I fell in love...with a human!

The Body Finder. The title itself is enough to draw you in but the love story and the mystery will keep you there. In her first novel, Kimberly Derting combines one girl's unusual "gift" with the passion of young love, and throws in a slice of mystery. What more could a girl ask for? Actually, I have one request. Can I keep Jay?

(Jay, darling Jay. He's humble, handsome and HUMAN. Yes, I said human. Crazy, I know. Considering my taste for other worldly creatures it is quite wonderful to fall for a human for a change, real or not. :)

OK. So back to the book...

The style of The Body Finder allows Derting to show off her craft and show it off she does. The two perspectives that are present in the pages of the book give the story an edge in the world of Young Adult novels. It is difficult enough to write from the perspective of a teenage girl but Derting also tackles the persepctive of a serial killer. The twisted inner workings of the killer's mind will leave you breathless.

In terms of the main character, Violet Ambrose is the kind of girl that could be you except that she is dealing with a morbid supernatural ability. She is smart and strong, and she will remind you of why being a girl is so kick ass. Then there are the feelings she discovers for her best friend Jay, which are enough to keep you smiling even as a serial killer hunts the girls in town. Oh, and I promise that Violet and Jay's relationship will keep you guessing just as much as the mystery!

I have tried not to give too much away although if I could I would blabber on about how epic this book is.
The Body Finder is an incredible first novel that showcases this promising author's talent and I for one can't wait for Derting's follow up book Desires of the Dead out March 15th, 2011!


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  1. I fell for Jay too! Ahah, he's so sweet. I love how he pretends he is nothing more than a very good friend to Violet, and how the makes her jealous using the others girls but without making the tiniest move on them. xD
    Desires of the Dead is probably the number one "Book I Can't Wait To Get My Hands On - 2011 Edition" :)

    Great review, I agree with everything. Violet is a great YA heroine. She is never annoying, or stupid. Even when she puts herself in danger, it's because she just wants to do the right thing. :)


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