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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Melissa Marr is Wicked Lovely: A Review of Radiant Shadows

I had a conversation the other day with a close friend about Vampires. It went something like this:

Her: Do you still love vampires as much as you used to?

Me: I'm tired of vampires. I don't think they would make good mates. I'm really liking faeries right now.

Her: I love how we can have this conversation.


Despite being legendary mythological creatures I have read very little about them in the Young Adult Fiction novels that I love so much. While authors like Cassandra Clare have touched on the subject of these creatures, no one has quite given them the attention they deserve like Melissa Marr.
I just finished Marr's latest book in the Wicked Lovely series which is entitled Radiant Shadows. What I loved about this book, like the others in the series, is that the characters all connect to each other in some way whether they are mortal or fey. Radiant Shadows brings in a lot of characters that readers have loved since the beginning, (by characters I mean Seth, and by readers I mean me), and has allowed them to interact with each other once again. 


Radiant Shadows follows the story of Ani who is a Halfling- half-faery and half-human. Unlike other faeries the hunger that Ani has can be sated by touch and emotion. Her desires soon lead her to Devlin, the brother of the High Queen and her insane twin. Devlin's affinity for Ani is undeniable and he soon finds himself trying to protect her from his own sisters, despite being the High Queen's bloody hands. Ani and Devlin are soon forced to fight for each other, and with each other, as the fate of Faerie hangs in the balance. (Oh, and my darling Seth makes an appearance)

With each and every book in the Wicked Lovely series I fall even more in love with Marr's writing. She captures the complexity of both the mortal and Faerie worlds beautifully. If you have not read the series yet pick up a copy of  Wicked Lovely and start your journey into the world of Faeries. Oh, and when you finish Radiant Shadows tweet me @bookjunkies and we can discuss the fate of Faerie.


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