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Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Is War

The Thirty Seconds to Mars debate...

I've wanted to write my opinion on this issue for awhile. I tend to find the fans of 30STM either extremely welcoming or completely the opposite of that; meaning non accepting and most definitely not welcoming of new fans of the band.

When I first became a fan of the band it was during the month of August in 2006. Considering the band came out with their S/T in 2002, I was most definitely considered a newbie brought in because of The Kill. I also was never one for message boards and such but I decided to give this fan base a try. It was hard to feel the family vibe from other fans who also participated on the boards at first. Since I had not been a fan of the band since the beginning my opinion didn't matter I suppose and looked down upon as a Jared Leto fan girl or something along those lines. Please sue me for not being introduced to a band until 2006 when their second single on their second album began getting recognition. During that time I really only listened to the radio or music my parents would listen to. I wasn't much for finding new bands and searching for good music. My musical diversity has recently been much improved.

Please don't get me wrong, there are some WONDERFUL, LOVING people who I've come across and grace the boards with their presence on a daily basis. These people are amazing and I am blessed to have had the chance to share the same passion with them (even if I stopped going on the boards).

My problem lies in the debate of 30STM. Most of the earlier fans of the band disliked their sophomore album and the fans which came along with it. I liked A Beautiful Lie and I really don't care what other people think of that. Yes it was different from the S/T but that doesn't make it musically worse in any way. If anything, the sound and direction changed which is a sign of a good band. Bands should evolve and change their music as they see themselves evolving towards different goals in life and with age. If a band were to sound the same, album after album would you honestly still continue to listen and be an avid fan?? I wouldn't because who wants to hear the same thing for years. Consistency can be good but in music it doesn't really seem to jive. Difference and being unique is something that makes 30STm special.

I've always found that their music tells a story. It may not be a story directed to you but in some way you find yourself relating to it all the same. There is something completely magical in the lyrics in the way the songs are all arranged.

Each album, including This Is War sounds different and to me the sound of difference and change is a sign of longevity. It is also a sign of the musicians producing music for the community and presence it creates; creating music for the friendships that can take shape from millions of miles away, it means the band CARES. The incentive of money is not a factor. Music is being produced here for the love of creating something out of nothing.

I just hate this separation and divide between the so called "old" fans and the "new" ones. Fans should just be happy that there are other people out there who are just like them. It's something special to be able to talk to people from around the world who share the same passion in a band as you do. I just found that some of the people easily ruined that experience for me and at the same time it was heightened by the extremely kind people I met along the way.

In my opinion, which this blog is, when you are a fan of something you stick with them.I truly feel that if the old schoolers who all bashed ABL and who will most likely bash this album should NOT call themselves fans of the band. If they were fans they would change and evolve with the music. And I'm sorry but commercial sells. You write and perform music for it to be heard and if you can't get radio time or headlining tours then that dream fails miserably. If a band didn't make money for the record company who signed them, they would be dropped. Sorry fans there goes your band.

I suppose that is all I have to say for now. If more arises on this issue, I will be back with my opinion again :)

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